Sunday, August 29

I ♥ Faces: Photojournalism

Oh how I LOVE the idea of being a photojournalist. I used to read national geographic and dream of how cool it would be to travel the world and open the eyes of fellow Americans to how the rest of the world actually lives.
      I really debated whether or not to use my Haiti photos for this entry, and maybe I should have, but I finally decided on a collage of 4 photos from my summer as a summer camp counselor.
The set up for the story they tell? I was 17 that summer. Those are my FIVE campers, all of whom are going into the FIRST grade. Yeah. 5 six-year-olds for little old me to be mom for for the week. Yipes. If any of you are in search of a good birth control for your kids- this is it. I love these girls to death and I'm excited to have kids of my own, but there's no way I could handle taking care of them myself.

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Tuesday, August 17

I ♥ faces: Gotta wear Shades

What can I say? My friend Jeremy's a star. This one is also from camp 2007. I love digging out old photos :)

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Tuesday, August 10

I ♥ surprised faces!

I had to dig for this one. So much potential in a theme called Surprise! But this one from working at camp summer 2007 is my favorite surprise in my files. There apparently was quite a splash from this event in the water olympics :)
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Monday, August 9

Kimmi & Dave {Wedding}

I'm so excited to say that my beautiful cousin Kimmi got married to Dave Schlauchtenhaufen this weekend! The rooftop ceremony was beautiful and was blessed with no rain, cooling clouds and no bugs! Amazing, I know. These are just a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

These two are my parents with Kimmi. They both read at the wedding, and she was their flower girl 22 years ago. :)