Wednesday, August 15

Nate and Ashley - Golf

Last weekend, our friends Nate and Ashley were in Des Moines. After their wedding in June, they drove straight to Canada, where Nate plays professional golf (yeah, we have cool friends!) and Ashley caddies for him. They were back in town for a tournament, so Mike and I walked with them for the first round.

Monday, August 6

I ♥ Faces: Pet Faces

This was a really hard choice for me because we went to the Omaha Zoo just this last Saturday! Here is my favorite, but I had to debate a lot. Please check out THIS POST for my top 15 favorites of the day. I'd love to know your opinions on if I chose the right one! I also appreciate comments; good, bad and ugly (okay, not ugly, but really, good and bad both!) so please let me know what you think! Thanks!

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Photo Challenge Submission

Omaha Zoo

Last weekend, Mike surprised me with a trip to Omaha for our anniversary. We went to the zoo and he put up with me as I took over 400 pictures. Such a good man :)

Hernando, Rafael and Angel

These wonderful boys are brothers from Colombia that came up to the States to stay with Mike's parents for the month of July. They are part of a program called "Summer Miracles" through the Kidsave organization (the boys are currently featured on the right side of this page). They help older children (8+) and groups of siblings find adoptive families. The boys are back in Colombia now but are still looking for a forever family!

Angel is 5 and such a ham! He just loves to play with you, and especially make faces at the camera.

Rafael is 10 and a natural athlete. He's also a pretty rockin' dancer.

Hernando is 12 and takes really good care of his little brothers. He's also really helpful in communicating with a language barrier.

They also know well how to get a great candy haul at a parade

Angel's first sparkler

Angel and my father-in-law, Bob

Rafael and Bev, my mother-in-law

My love and Angel :)

We're pretty sad that we're too young to adopt them ourselves - you have to be 15 years older than the oldest and we're only 9. :( The parents' house just isn't the same without them. 

Reiman Gardens

Reiman Gardens is listed as the top thing to do in Ames, and until this past June, neither Mike or I had gone! Which is crazy because it's free for students! There is a huge garden as well as a butterfly enclosure. Here's the butterflies first and then the flowers.