Sunday, September 23

Jenny & Tyler {Maternity - Sneak Peek}

Mike's sister Jenny and her husband Tyler are going to have a little boy next month! That's right, our first nephew. :) We are super excited and I was even more excited when Jenny asked me to do maternity and some newborn pictures for her. Here's a few favorites from early in our shoot yesterday.

Family, when I'm all done, I'll be giving Jenny and Tyler the pictures without the logo and high res. If you want to print copies, I recommend asking one of us to email the file. I'll have a full post worth of pictures when I'm done so you know and can see more options.

Tuesday, September 4

Cyclone Football 9/1

On Saturday we went to the ISU v. Tulsa game to watch the 'Clones beat the Hurricanes (really, the Tulsa Hurricanes? That's kinda like naming a team in Antarctica the Heat Wave). Anyway, here's the pictures!
 This is Nate - ISU Male Athlete of the Year for 2012

 That's a touchdown right there^^

 Ahem, the problem with being short at a game. 

 Second half kickoff (empty stands = ridiculous lines for food/bathrooms)

 That's another touchdown!
 Almost 55,000 in attendance for opening weekend

I ♥ Faces : Summer Fun

How much more fun can you have in summer than a good food fight at camp?
Here's the flour round during one of the junior high weeks.
To check out more summer fun photos click the camera below
Photo Challenge Submission