Monday, January 7

Honeymoon - Cozumel, Mexico

Here are my favorite shots from our belated honeymoon to Cozumel over Thanksgiving 2012:

The yellow building is our resort

Relaxing in hammocks hung from palm trees on the best day of weather we had

My wonderful husband

Baby Benjamin {Infant}

With no further ado, as these are already almost 3 months old - our new nephew Ben!
 Sleepin' with Grandma

 and with Mom

 Poor guy was hooked to a UV vest for jaundice for a long time, but who can pass up a picture of those maniacal hands? I think he's already plotting something :D

We're so in love with the little guy and can't wait to get to know his personality as he gets older. 

I ♥ Faces: Best Face of 2012

Here it is folks, my favorite face photo of 2012:

Meet Angel. He is 6 and he and his two older brothers were in Iowa this July with the Kidsave: Summer Miracles program. The program brings older orphans or sets of siblings (those much less likely to be adopted) to the US to meet potential forever families. Angel and his brothers were 3 of 10 kids in the Des Moines area when they stayed with my in-laws this summer. For more pictures and information about the program, click here for my original post. We loved getting to know the goof-ball that is Angel and I love how much this picture reminds me of that - especially with the Cheetos residue on his mouth!

Photo Challenge Submission
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PS- Coming soon here: our new nephew Ben!
On our personal blog: Halloween, our Honeymoon, Christmas and Ben - I'm a little behind :D