Saturday, December 11

I ♥ Faces: Pets - my new pet rock :D

Ok, so this probably doesn't really count as an animal picture, but I can't have pets while I live in the dorms :( So here it is, my BRAND NEW PET ROCK(s) :D :D :D

!!!!!!!!!!!I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!
He does such good work! I was allowed no input on this one - all Mike's choosing :D
We went out to Cafe Milo for lunch (one of our favorites - the spicy italian is fabulous!) and a movie and then he made me promise to play along for something fun, blindfolded me and drove me out to a park and asked me. The best part is in the initial plan - I've gotten pretty used to him taking my purity ring off that finger and playing with it while we watch movies, TV, etc. so he was planning on being all sly and switching the rings during the movie and making me freak out quietly... but then the movie was AWFUL so he had to work on the fly. But he still had both rings and had jokingly faked a proposal earlier, so when I was "playing along" I was completely planning to open my eyes, see my old ring and beat him up a little bit for getting my hopes up. Apparently that was pretty obvious when I opened my eyes to ^^this guy^^ because he could tell by my reaction :)

Now on to planning (I'm not gonna lie, I'm super excited for that too)

To do list: 
Attempt to focus on finals this week : P
Get ring resized (it's like half a size too big- he was so close!)
Figure out a date
Continue to freak out that I'm ENGAGED!!

Click the camera to see some actual pets :D