Saturday, January 22

I ♥ Faces: Innocent Wonder

Only one of the reasons I love him:
This is Mike and one of the girls from his church at a wedding this summer. I just LOVE the look on her face. She is just the sweetest - I met her that night and she told me she was sad I had to leave at the end of the night because I danced the YMCA with her :D THEN we went to church the next day and they brought their new puppy to show the other kids after the service - major cute overload!! 

For more examples of innocent wonder click the camera 

Sunday, January 9

I ♥ Faces: Smiles!

Happy Birthday to iheartfaces!! And we get to celebrate with SMILES!! 
This is Janelle and Theresa, my two favorite-est non-biological little sisters :D

Click the camera for more :D SMILES :D

Monday, January 3

I ♥ Faces: Best Face of 2010

This week at iheartfaces is a special contest of our absolute best face photo of 2010. I think this one is my favorite because of the emotion it captures. You can only imagine what those beautiful young eyes have seen. It is from my day at a refugee camp in Haiti this March.
Click here to see other's favorite 2010 portraits - Mine is #655 to vote :D