Saturday, September 13

I ♥ Faces: Beautiful Eyes

My beautiful baby girl's 3 month photo shoot last Sunday. 
I love her big alert eyes - I can't wait to see if they stay this dark or if they'll lighten up any more. 
Her Daddy and I both have blue eyes, but mine are pretty gray and his are pretty green, so who knows!

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Friday, May 2

I ♥ Faces: Let's Hear it for the Girls

Unless I'm told not to, when we attend weddings, you know I'm going to have my camera. 
Some of the pictures we got from "bonus" cameras at our wedding are wonderful and I especially loved getting them so much sooner than our professional photos, which with MANY more pictures obviously and understandably took longer to process. Our first wedding of the year was Emily and Zach's in March. We were seated as far to the right as possible, so I wasn't able to get any shots of Zach during the ceremony, but had a wonderful view of Emily! 
I love this beautiful bride and was so excited to get to share in their happy day!

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Photo Challenge Submission 

Lincoln Park Zoo

In April, Mike and I went to Chicago for his birthday and a "babymoon". One of the things we always do when we travel is go to the zoo. We both love looking at all the animals and playing Where's Waldo in the multiple animal enclosures. Plus, I get to take lots of pictures - so here's some from this trip.

And finally, Mike's "spirit animal" - the giraffe with its tongue stuck out.

Tuesday, April 15

Emily & Zach {Wedding}

Eee! I love these two. We were so excited to get to celebrate the start of their marriage with them in March. 

We sat on the far right side of the ceremony, which leads to great pictures of the bride and none of the groom. Sorry Zach - I'm sure Val and Allie had you covered with your real pictures :)

Mr. and Mrs. Zach Sunderland!

Check out the bow tie - Zach made them for his groomsmen. They're wooden and the backs are engraved with the groomsman's name and a verse.

You guys are precious!! Love you!

Monday, March 3

I ♥ Faces: Smile

Do it. It makes life better. Not to mention TED says it makes you a super hero.
Now, my beautiful friend Rachel here has an infectious smile, especially when it's brought on by these two sweethearts who were the flower girls at her wedding last summer.

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Tuesday, January 14

I ♥ Faces: Best Face of 2013

I struggled to choose this year! I had a couple favorites, but I ultimately decided to go with the most expressive faces. This is my cousin Paige during her wedding ceremony. I have no idea what joke the pastor had just made, but luckily, the other person involved was sitting on my side! You can see more pictures from their wedding here.

If you're interested, the others I debated are this photo, also from their wedding; this one from Rachel and Nick's wedding; or this one of my husband and nephew on our family vacation. Thoughts? Did I choose well?

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