Monday, October 25

I ♥ Faces: Pink

          Okay, to tell you the truth, I don't really heart the color pink. I don't really own anything pink, I don't wear it. I'm more of a blues and greens kinda girl. Or cardinal and gold (go Cyclones!)... or purple and gold (go Vikings!) but never really pink. Even as a kid. But I do love what pink stands for this month. Campus is covered in Breast Cancer Awareness stuff, which is fabulous. For this week's challenge I had to go with one of my sister, Melissa - I had some fun with this one, gimp-ing the two shots I got of her getting ready for a wedding this summer. I love the contrast of "fine I'll take a picture" with the oh-so-real "would you stop bothering me so I can get ready?!?"
 Love her so much :D

For more pink pictures click the camera

Sunday, October 10

ISU Campus Fall 2010

A couple weeks ago I had time to walk around and take some pictures of the gorgeous leaves around campus that are all frozen and gone now -
Here's my favorite:

And a few others:

Friday, October 8

Constructive Feedback Friday

So I'm super excited for Fix-it Friday this week. Here's the description:
"Anyone can write a blog post that has one photo in it that they’d like to gain feedback on... Other photographers in our community will then be able to visit each post to give feedback on they feel the problems could be fixed." 
As an amateur photog that means YAY!! I thought for a while and decided on a picture that is my favorite I've ever taken. It's been up here before, so sorry from the repetition, but I'd love to see what others would do with it.

 What would you do with it?