Monday, July 26

i ♥ faces: Purple

Okay, so maroon is pretty far towards the red side of purple, but it's the closest I have. This is from my... freshman? maybe sophomore year in high school, back when our football team (the Mustangs) was worth watching. I love the range of emotion from these guys, especially Ben (A). This is a favorite of mine just because it embodies the atmosphere of  small town life. I come from a high school of 400 students and the entire town seems to turn up for every game, which is why I black and whited the background- too busy!

I'm also a little disappointed that I don't have better purple pictures! I attended a beautiful purple wedding in June and only took like 3 pictures and none had any purple. I was a guest of a guest so I didn't feel too comfortable yet taking lots of pictures, which I now know I definitely should have! :P And my cousin is getting married in 2 weeks and she's having a purple wedding as well. Doesn't help with this weeks challenge, but at least I'll be SUPER comfortable taking lots of pictures there.

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Monday, July 19

I ♥ Faces: Over my Head

This week at i heart faces the theme is "Over my Head". I thought this picture was absolutely perfect and probably a lot different from many of the entries this week. This is from my summer working at camp in 2007. I love all the different expressions as these two staff members surprise our program director. I think my favorite though, is the face of the camper in the bottom right who apparently thought I was taking her picture and had no idea what was going on behind her. : )

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Tuesday, July 13

I ♥ Faces: "My" Country

Okay, okay, so it's not officially my country. But it sure feels like home when I'm there.

My dad first went to Pignon, Haiti in May 2008 with my uncle's church. This is my favorite picture of him, at the orphanage we work with there, taken I think by my uncle Steve. I LOVE the complete coincidence that he wore his AWESOME DAD shirt from father's day. He sure is an awesome dad. :)

That coming November, my dad organized and led a team consisting of then-18-year-old me, nine men and two 60+ year old women. I knew from the start it was going to be at very least an... interesting trip. It all worked out very well though, with all of the "actual" adults (the youngest 13 years my elder, married with two kids) treating me very well, never once making me feel inferior because of my age.

As the youngest of our
group I was constantly
surrounded by these
beautiful faces
I fell in love with Haiti that first day, as we walked around town. Being white in town makes you quite a spectacle, and the little kids point and holler "Blanc, Blanc" (white, white) as you walk by, or run up to smile at you and hold your hand, one little girl even tried to wipe off my hand as if it were dirty :) These children are the main reason why I love Haiti. They are so full of joy! I went back again in March if 2010 and can't wait to be back again!

Most of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken are from my time in Pignon and the surrounding areas, here are a few:

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For more information about trips to Pignon, Haiti check out (the entry "Larry Madole March 2010 Trip" is about my trip this year) or scan through the Haiti tab of my blog, there are just too many stories to tell. Thank goodness that a picture is worth 1000 words!

Friday, July 9

Fix it Friday #61

My first Fit-it Friday Entry, through I edit with GIMP.

The Original 

My finished product. The text is Ecclesiastes 3:1

Monday, July 5

i ♥ faces TEENS ONLY week!

I am so excited for this week on iheartfaces. Teen entries only. I turn twenty the end of next month, so I was really excited to hear that celebrating teens weeks was happening this summer! I can't wait to see all the fabulous talent from the teen photographers at iheartfaces!
I have had this picture up on the blog before, but not entered in the challenge. The only requirements of this weeks' entries are that the were taken by a teen and feature a face. This is one of my favorites that I have ever taken. I took this one while in Haiti this March on a mission trip. This is at a refugee camp for victims of the earthquake in Port au Prince. I don't know this little girl's name, her story or where she is now, all I know is that she was so happy just to have someone play with her and take her picture. The joy that radiated from her shocked me. Despite all she had seen, tragedy in Port and now living in one of dozens of tents like the one behind her. Such a beautiful reminder to appreciate what we have. 
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